Pushing an organization’s key messages is a priority for communications professionals. Yet effectively promoting that messaging can be daunting, especially in a noisy industry with many different players and trending stories. Strategizing a messaging campaign requires quickly identifying the influencers and media channels surrounding an important topic.

A Fortune 500 telecommunications company wanted to better understand the media landscape for a hot-button industry topic, data privacy. The company particularly cared about how influencers framed that topic in relation to top telecom companies. They needed specific, tailored data for their industry, but they were uncertain where to start.

Working with their media analytics team, they quickly pulled together a year’s worth of data about authors and publications writing about the topic. The team had already been cataloging these concepts and their connections to the company and its top competitors. This accurate data enabled them to easily visualize the dominant players in these critical conversations.

The data provided other valuable insights for the company. They had details about the authors who wrote positively or negatively towards each telecom companies’ stance on privacy. They also could see which authors’ articles tended to go viral on different social media channels.

Equipped with this analysis, the company efficiently and effectively created a messaging plan around data privacy. They cultivated relationships with top authors who write positively about data privacy and were able to reach wider audiences. The company was also able to predict the influencers that would most likely cover their privacy practices unfavorably and respond to that negative messaging in traditional and social channels. With access to rich, curated data, the company continues to stay informed and remains a part of the data privacy dialogue.

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