Building a comprehensive communications strategy requires engaging with and leveraging multiple media channels. Trends emerging on one channel may differ from another or share similarities in ways you didn’t expect. Knowing if and how much your earned media coverage is getting shared is fine, but you need to understand both how and what is getting shared to strategically amplify your key messages. Dig into the data to identify trends and use those insights to build campaigns specifically designed to drive coverage that encourages social sharing. Leveraging the interplay between traditional and social media can lead to higher levels of trust, engagement, and success for your brand. 

If you’re not already measuring the impact of social media on your traditional coverage, you could be missing out on these insights:

Understand which messages get shared and engaged with and on what channels

Not all messages are shared equally. Often one message will resonate particularly well on one channel, but not on another. Analyze which topics are receiving the most shares and on what platforms. Maybe your CSR coverage is highly engaged with on Facebook, but your business strategy and financial performance news is shared more on Twitter. Use this information to inform your campaign and media relations strategies to pitch more CSR messages that you know will amplify your brand.

Understand which audiences are more responsive on which platforms and target your messages

Not all outlets have audiences that engage the same way on social media. Use demographic and outlet data to understand how certain audiences engage on social and with what topics. Then tailor your messaging to the audience you want to reach.

Use trends emerging on social media to inform and refine your traditional media messaging

It seems counter intuitive, but there are hot topics in traditional media that rarely receive engagement on social media or vice versa. Answer questions like these to build traditional media campaigns that you know will drive high engagement on social:

  • Are there topics lightly covered in traditional media that catch fire in social media?
  • Do your key social influencers drive engagement with a particular demographic?
  • Do certain influencers stand out who weren’t already on your radar?

Consistent measurement will provide historical data you can refer to in a crisis

Consistently measuring and the interplay between traditional and social media will show you what a normal amount of social sharing looks like for your coverage, allowing you to quickly react to any anomalies as they occur. You can then use historic social sharing data around outlets to amplify crisis response messaging to the right audiences most efficiently.

Measuring the interplay between your traditional and social media will give you the ability to leverage the undercurrent of public opinion that spreads through social media. You will gain insight into new social media and third-party influencers as you dig into the context of what is being shared and by whom.  Consistent analysis will give you the data needed to build more targeted campaigns and prove the impact of your campaigns over time.

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