Data-driven media relations strategies have many benefits. Primarily, it will amplify your key messages most effectively and efficiently, giving you time back in your day.

Use data to prioritize and customize your media outreach:


Use data to first prioritize your outreach to the authors and outlets who have demonstrated interest in the topic you want to push, have a wide audience reach, and are most likely to receive high social sharing.


Authors are stretched thinner and their inboxes are more full than ever before. Mass, impersonal pitches won’t cut it to truly increase coverage of a message and move the needle on your reputational goals. Use historical data to customize an attention-grabbing pitch that you know the influencer is more likely to pick up based on the way they’ve written about the topic in the past.

For more about the benefits of data-driven media relations and steps to target authors and outlets, watch the video below.

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