Monitoring Media Coverage at the World’s Largest Tradeshow

The Consumer Technology Association hosts the largest gathering of innovation and connectivity on the planet – CES in Las Vegas. In advance of the 2017 show, Jeff Joseph (SVP of Communications and Strategic Relationships) and his team constructed a game plan for monitoring, analyzing and responding to media coverage. The media intelligence would focus on event coverage generated by CTA, their exhibitors and keynote speakers. Execution of this plan would require a robust technology paired with a team of people “on” 24 hours a day.

An Innovative Approach at an Innovative Event

A hybrid method of top technology paired with human media analysis allowed CTA to holistically understand the media coverage of CTA and CES as well as their vendor partners.

This approach provided real-time answers to crucial questions such as:

  • Are our messages coming through in coverage?
  • What negative and positive attention is CES generating – and to what parts of this coverage should we pay immediate attention?
  • Which stories are gathering momentum on social media platforms?
  • How are topics like “Attendee Perception” and “Innovation” fairing in real-time?
  • What do our exhibitors and keynote speakers need to know?

Answering the Questions that Matter

CTA’s media intelligence partner, PublicRelay, created an on-site command center for the event. They utilized interactive dashboards to visualize the answers to all the questions they were asking. Team members could drill down on any of the charts to uncover the coverage that was feeding the statistic. In addition, media analysts provided ad hoc reports throughout the day to keep everyone informed on hot topics. CTA shared the dashboards with their exhibitor partners as a value-add for their support and to visually present how their own messages were being amplified by the event. The same data was analyzed and shared with keynote speakers so they could also see the impact of their participation. Hear Jeff Joseph talk about the coverage CTA monitors at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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