June 26th | 12:00pm ET | Virtual

Since its mainstream advent in November of 2022, generative automated intelligence has been a hot button topic of discussion. Will it take jobs? Will it conquer the world? Which will come first? When will it happen?

Despite the uncertainty, a recent Microsoft report stated that as many as 75% of knowledge workers are using these tools, and 46% of those have adopted them in the last six months. Furthermore, 79% of “leaders” believe that knowledge of these tools will be essential to remain competitive.

Most of us can agree that AI has, and will increasingly have, an enormous impact on human productivity. But how specifically will it come to shape the communications profession?

This one-hour virtual roundtable session will explore this question in depth.

We welcome CCOs, VPs, and Directors of Communications to request an invitation to join this roundtable discussion.

You should receive an email to confirm your request. Upon qualification, you will receive a follow up email from a member of our team confirming your participation.

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