July 25th | 2:00pm ET | Virtual

While other business functions benefit from well-established KPIs and measurement techniques, the communications space, particularly in the realm of earned media, often lacks such standardized metrics.

In an era of constrained budgets and heightened scrutiny on paid media investments, organizations are increasingly using earned media to shape consumer perception of their brands, products and services.

This shift necessitates a more rigorous approach to quantifying the impact of earned media initiatives, presenting critical questions: 

  • How can data analytics be effectively utilized to assess the impact of news media coverage and extract actionable insights?
  • What strategies can communications teams employ to align their performance metrics with company OKRs?
  • What strategic and technological adaptations are necessary for communications teams to demonstrably influence business outcomes?

Join industry leaders and peers as we dive into these pivotal issues, sharing best practices and innovative approaches to elevate the role of communications in driving organizational success.

We welcome CCOs, VPs, and Directors of Communications to request an invitation to join this roundtable discussion.

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