Elevate Your External Communications

Receive nuanced insights on your target audience, competitors, and industry influencers. Our research identifies communications best practices and trends that enable your team to communicate confidently and advance your brand.


Solutions & Features

Learn more about the advanced solutions and features that enable our external communications services:

Group 16892
Audience & Demographic Targeting
In-depth data on the publications that reach and influence your target audience so you can more effectively reach them.
Group 17073
Author and Outlet Influencer Strategies
Essential metrics on how key authors and outlets cover your industry so you can efficiently target the right media.
Industry Benchmarking
Ongoing comparative analysis of the world’s leading brands across seven industries so you can learn what works best.
Group 17077
Competitor Intelligence
Nuanced insights on your key competitors’ media performance that you can use for comparison and inspiration.
Group 17079
Competitive Predictor
AI alerts of the key messages your competitors plan to focus on in the coming weeks and the journalists they’ll most likely target.

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