PublicRelay, the transformative PR software solution for communications and marketing professionals in Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government, and trade associations, today announced the enhanced charting and graphing data outputs from its best-in-class analytics and monitoring platform.

These new, powerful outputs directly connect the efforts – and results – of the communications team to the goals set by the CEO and Board of Directors. Driven by concepts, not keywords, these metrics illuminate trends and provide actionable insights on critical reputation drivers for the company. Easily accessed through PublicRelay’s simple yet powerful interface, the metrics are based on human-verified content that eliminates irrelevant mentions. Accurate metrics form the basis for executive-caliber reports that demonstrate to senior management and boards the impact and value of the communication team’s efforts.

The new metrics provide insights into:

  • The team’s success at promoting key reputational themes across media, including across online, print, social, and broadcast media.
  • The company’s relative positioning versus competitors and a drill-down that shows precisely where they are strong (and where there is room for improvement).
  • The key influencers who acutely impact the tone and substance of the conversation in the media.

“The new enhancements to our charting and graphing capabilities keep us at the forefront of innovation for next-generation PR metrics” said PublicRelay Managing Partner, Eric Koefoot. He added, “We are able to provide PR teams with the highest caliber of insights that reliably demonstrate to their CEO the success of their media efforts.”

The upgraded metrics are a central component of PublicRelay’s suite of monitoring and analytics services that together deliver the most insightful and easiest to use media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals.

About PublicRelay

PublicRelay delivers quality analytics that increase the value and influence of communicators in their organization. PublicRelay’s unique human-augmented technology provides data and insights that prove communications’ impact on business goals, predict media outcomes, and guide future strategy. Known for continual innovation, superior data-driven insights, and exceptional partnership, PublicRelay elevates communications data to the standards of today’s C-suite leaders.  For more information, please visit

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