PublicRelay, the transformative PR software solution for communications professionals in the Fortune 500, government, and non-profit sectors, today announced a powerful expansion to its solution suite with a new, industry-leading influencer identification and tracking tool.

The all-new offering enables companies to quickly identify influencers driving the conversation on key topics or industry issues of special importance to them. The solution can be filtered easily to display supporters or detractors, limit by targeted media type, and even identify influencers that have not covered a company – but are still worthy of engagement. Generating an actionable list of the most influential individuals with one click allows PR and communications teams to quickly identify and engage just the right people to begin shifting opinion or getting their message out.

This PR influencer tool eliminates frustrations that are common with other solutions, such as duplicate names in results, influencers not relevant to the topic at hand, and data based on irrelevant or spam-filled content. PublicRelay customers can have confidence in the identified influencers, as all content in the system is human-verified.

With the new features, users can quickly and easily weigh influencers based on their desired metrics, including traditional and social media authority, frequency of coverage, potential reach in the marketplace, and syndication across channels. To make subsequent engagement quick and easy, users can take advantage of instant drill-downs into influencer profiles with in-depth biographical information, contact notes, and other proprietary insights.

“Our solution sets a new standard for influencer identification, delivering capabilities that solve some long-standing challenges,” said PublicRelay Managing Partner, Eric Koefoot. “Finally, communications professionals can quickly and accurately find and target just the right people influencing their reputation, allowing them to move faster and smarter than ever before – and save resources in the process.”

The new influencer identification tools integrate with PublicRelay’s suite of monitoring and analytics services that together deliver the most insightful, yet easiest to use, media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals.

About PublicRelay

PublicRelay is the premier PR media monitoring and analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals. Known for its ease of use, superior data quality, and actionable information, PublicRelay delivers accurate business intelligence, drives proactive influencer engagement, and proves PR impact for the world’s most prominent corporations, associations, and government agencies. For more information, visit

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