PublicRelay, the transformative PR software solution for communications professionals in Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government, and trade associations, today announced the introduction of a new Influencer Score to its product suite.

The PublicRelay Influence Score provides an instant view of the key people affecting an organization, assigning a score to each individual that reflects their impact on the discussion around the issues specifically relevant to that organization. This new accurate approach to influencer scoring gives communications teams a ranked list of the right people to engage on any given topic.

The Influencer Score is a major improvement over other offerings that base their rankings on irrelevant content and include celebrities who have large followings but little or no influence with the organization’s target audience. PublicRelay’s new score draws from the accurate statistics made possible by human-supported analysis of content and focuses on just those individuals engaging with the issues, brands, and organizations that are of particular interest to a communications team.

The new Influencer Score consolidates relevant factors from the media and the marketplace that together illuminate the key individuals impacting an organization. Some of the many statistics reflected in the score include:

  • Frequency of coverage or postings
  • Topical relevance to the client and to the industry
  • Social media prominence, including followers, sharing, and amplification of key messages
  • Reach and syndication of high-impact content across multiple platforms

“Integrating seamlessly with our influencer identification solution, the new PublicRelay Influencer Score provides a best-in-class measurement that incorporates company and industry specific factors” said PublicRelay Managing Partner, Eric Koefoot. “Companies can save time and resources by focusing their limited resources on just the right relationships, thereby increasing their effectiveness and ROI.”

Influencer identification is an integral component of PublicRelay’s suite of monitoring and analytics services that together deliver the most insightful, yet easiest to use, media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals.

About PublicRelay

PublicRelay is the premier PR media monitoring and analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals. Known for its ease of use, superior data quality, and actionable information, PublicRelay delivers accurate business intelligence, drives proactive influencer engagement, and proves PR impact for the world’s most prominent corporations, associations, and government agencies. For more information, visit

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