PublicRelay, the transformative PR software solution for communications professionals in the Fortune 500, government, and non-profit sectors, today introduced a new executive reporting and analytics feature, the Priority Engagement Map.

The Priority Engagement Map provides new capabilities to communications teams, allowing them to pinpoint quickly the hotspots of opinion about their organization in the media landscape. This new feature displays at a glance the impact of coverage against accurate, human-verified sentiment in a graphical format. With one click, the Map gives teams the ability to identify both the key supporters and the most influential detractors on an issue within a given time period.

With this information in hand, PR professionals quickly understand the people behind the coverage and can immediately begin effective, timely outreach and action on an individual basis.

PublicRelay Managing Partner Chris Bolster commented on the new capability: “With the Priority Engagement Map, teams now have the ability not only to identify the coverage and influencers needing attention, but also to target and customize their outreach. With this new capability, we build on our core mission of keeping clients from getting caught off-guard, giving them the tools to focus their efforts, and generating the metrics to demonstrate the true impact of their PR program.”

The Priority Engagement Map is an integral part of PublicRelay’s suite of analytics and executive reports that together deliver the most insightful, yet easiest to use, media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals.

About PublicRelay

PublicRelay is the premier PR media monitoring and analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals. Known for its ease of use, superior data quality, and actionable information, PublicRelay delivers accurate business intelligence, drives proactive influencer engagement, and proves PR impact for the world’s most prominent corporations, associations, and government agencies. For more information, visit

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