PublicRelay, the transformative PR software solution for communications and marketing professionals in Fortune 500 companies, the Federal government, and leading trade associations, announced the launch of Premier Customization for its daily media clip reports, enabling client-specific format, colors, and fonts consistent with the internal communications standards of large organizations.

The enhancements allow branding elements, customized styles, and insightful charts and graphs to be inserted into a daily or weekly clip report. These emails present hand-picked content selected by PublicRelay’s industry-expert analysts, and coverage is organized in sections custom-created to meet client preferences.

Provided in either HTML email or PDF format, the reports can provide accurate, actionable insight into article reach and social media traction, as well as point out aspects of the article likely to be of interest to the client. Reports can be customized to the needs of the communications team and to those of senior executive readers; they are of the superior quality required for delivery directly to the CEO or the board.

A few of the many enhancements include:

  • Geographical information showing the regional source of the news
  • Licensed full-text articles based on client priorities
  • Daily stock tables and media graphs providing useful insights
  • Statistics measuring reach and social media activity
  • Logos and custom colors and fonts

“PublicRelay continues to set the bar for the highest quality analytics and metrics for forward-thinking large organizations,” said PublicRelay Managing Partner, Eric Koefoot. “The Premier Customization enhancements to our daily clip report present information to our customers in the accurate, professional, and visually appealing manner that they expect. It is one more reason that more large brand-name organizations with high standards are selecting PublicRelay.”

The Premier Customized reports are a central component of PublicRelay’s suite of monitoring and analytics services that together deliver the most insightful and easiest to use media intelligence for PR and corporate communications professionals.

About PublicRelay

PublicRelay is the premier PR media monitoring and analytics solution for communications and marketing professionals. Known for its ease of use, superior data quality, and actionable information, PublicRelay delivers accurate business intelligence, drives proactive influencer engagement, and proves PR impact for the world’s most prominent corporations, associations, and government agencies. For more information, visit https://www.publicrelay.com.

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