TYSONS CORNER, VA., (December 7, 2021) – PublicRelay, the premier provider of communications analytics to the world’s leading brands, has launched an all-new approach to social media brand analysis. The new solution, available in January, gives unprecedented insight into brand reputation not available through the leading social media analytics solutions. 

For years, the development of social media listening tools has focused on marketers and customer experience teams. But with their focus on brand perception and reputational drivers, communicators have been left behind. Social listening tools reliant on keyword tracking and automated sentiment have failed to accurately capture the nuance necessary for analyzing brand reputation. PublicRelay’s new program delivers the right solution by focusing on the unique needs of communicators and brand marketers.  

PublicRelay’s approach uses the latest in human-augmented technology to provide a deep understanding of brand sentiment and reputational conversations in social media. In addition to tracking the client’s brand, PublicRelay analyzes top competitors enabling powerful benchmarking and competitive comparison.  

The new offering also includes whitespace analysis of the discussions happening around the most important issues of the day, exposing key trends, risks, and opportunities for communicators. For a complete picture, PublicRelay analyzes posts from key industry influencers and the broader marketplace. This enables clients to intelligently engage with the topic, use the most effective messages, and leverage social media in all-new ways to build and burnish their brand reputation. 

“Clients have told us for years that their automated social listening solutions struggle to measure reputational drivers like trust, thought leadership, diversity, and inclusion,” said Eric Koefoot, CEO of PublicRelay. “Our new offering brings rich, accurate analysis to social media, giving communicators and brand marketers a true understanding of brand conversations in social media like never before.” 

As with all PublicRelay offerings, social media analytics can be paired with other analyses and client data to reveal the complex interactions and impacts on brand perceptions, engagement, and even sales. With this insight, communicators can show how their work delivers against business goals. 

About PublicRelay:  

PublicRelay delivers quality analytics that increases the value and influence of communicators in their organization. PublicRelay’s unique human-augmented technology delivers data and insights that prove communications’ impact on business goals, predict media outcomes, and guide future strategy. Known for continual innovation, superior data-driven insights, and exceptional partnership, PublicRelay elevates communications data to the standards

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