We are excited to announce the results of our second-edition research report with partner PR News, “The State of Data-Driven Communications.” We surveyed over 400 communicators to better understand the role of media measurement and analysis in communications strategies. One interesting, but not that surprising, finding is that 83% of communicators must defend or are preparing to defend their decisions using data due to pressure from the C-suite. 

We hear this in a lot of conversations with communicators – you need data with which to make informed decisions and again to prove the impact of those decisions to the C-suite. Unfortunately, however, only 21% of corporate respondents have analysis and insights they can easily share with their CEO or executives directly and just 24% are always prepared with accurate data they can trust to make decisions.

There is hope though.  Encouragingly, 65% of corporate respondents said they use media analysis and measurement to show how their efforts are contributing to broader business goals. Communicators are thinking strategically and want a seat at the table, but they still need the right analytical framework and measurement processes to prove it.

Read the full report for more PR measurement insights here and see how you stack up against your peers.

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