One of the nation’s most prominent financial services company did not have the resources to track its complex and vast media coverage, let alone dive in to its context, to better impact business goals like strengthening brand health.

The communications team found itself struggling to keep up with a data-driven culture, where all department leaders must demonstrate how they are using data to fortify and guide their resource allocation and strategies.

To remedy this the team turned to PublicRelay to measure its coverage and expand its media intelligence to analyze things like their brand drivers, competitor coverage, the authors, and outlets covering them, and general industry trends. With this insight, the team could not only evaluate how they are doing today but build more informed strategies in the future specifically around enhancing messaging around key brand and industry topics like “innovation” and “financial performance”.

Clip reports gave the team the ability to hyper focus on their most important coverage, as they used these to inform the communications team’s daily outlook while quarterly in-depth reports helped them monitor brand health progress over months.

Through this robust program, the company could finally answer questions like: Do financial performance or thought leadership topics get shared more often on Twitter or Facebook? Do certain authors write my competitors more than they write about us? How are the top tier outlets performing? Who are influencers that I should target and are they improving my message penetration over time? How is my company’s coverage around major events? Etc. The answers to these questions allow them to enhance their brand reputation management strategies and tactics.

Today, the ability to use accurate data to both understand and inform the future is a game changer for the communications team as they harness insights to elevate their department’s position as a strategic partner to the business.

Read the full case study: How A Leading Financial Services Used Media Intelligence to Enhance Their Media Relations and Reputation Management here.

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