If you’ve ever done PR work for a telecommunications company, you know that special events matter. In an industry where customers are always shopping for the next best deal, the media buzz around a new product launch, data plan, or ad campaign can make or break the company’s bottom line.

With all this fast-breaking news, understanding an event’s success in near-real time can be difficult. Here are 5 questions our top telecom clients ask during a special event:

  • What is the general sentiment towards the event? Distinguishing the positive and negative coverage by authors and outlets can help you strategize in real time. You should be able to quickly locate and share the favorable and unfavorable reporting from your organization’s point-of-view.
  • What does our media audience look like? Identifying the reach of publications writing about you and the stories going viral on social media can ensure you stay informed about top influencers. Use advanced analytics to marry the impact of traditional and social media on your event.
  • Are our key messages pulling through? Drilling down to the messaging of your event news can help you measure the effect on your overall brand. Having a dedicated human analyst ensures that even the tiniest details about your media coverage are recognized correctly – including concepts and topics that do not appear in text.
  • Is our CEO or other key executives mentioned? Knowing how the news cycle relates the event to its top decision-makers can help you deliver valuable media feedback to your leadership. Discover how an event’s coverage can affect your CEO’s reputation or whether executive mentions can influence a story’s pick-up.
  • How does this event stack up to previous events? Use past performance analysis to be proactive in your event strategy and set more informed goals. Then quickly debrief on your current efforts – from message pull-through to social amplification and author tonality to share of voice.

Getting to the big answers behind these event questions takes more than traditional media intelligence solutions can deliver on their own. When the best technology is paired with human analysis you get the most accurate and timely answers that drive smarter business decisions

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