Who’s Ready for an IPO?

A leading multinational healthcare company spun off a business unit and issued an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The communications team was concerned about their ability to adequately analyze the high volume of coverage expected. At the time of and immediately following the event, they needed around-the-clock monitoring of online, social, and broadcast media coverage. In addition, they required the agility to course correct their monitoring strategy.

A Hybrid Monitoring Approach

The communications team deployed a media intelligence solution that utilized top technology and human analysis. This approach allowed them to cast a wider net of keywords and subtopics. The analysts then categorized the coverage from the outlets based on the criteria set by the communications team. Given the timeliness of the event, updates to the criteria could happen on the fly as needed.

Delivering Just-in-Time Insights

The customer received real-time alerts on hot, breaking news and detailed reports on the news surrounding the IPO. Rapid content selection and reliable analytics enabled the customer to shift focus, adjust strategy, and execute rapid, well-informed responses.

In one case, a hot issue was directed to an analyst who, within seven minutes, had retrieved the content, scored and analyzed it, and consolidated the coverage into an actionable report for the client. Media analysis went beyond print coverage to include online, social and broadcast channels to enable a 360-degree view of the brand.. The client’s PR agency was also engaged and received impact reports regarding social media.

The client effectively managed the IPO and facilitated a successful transition for the newly independent company. Following this critical event, the client engaged PublicRelay as its primary media intelligence provider.

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