PublicRelay is pleased to announce the launch of a new newsletter feature for communications teams: Business Messenger Integration.

Using Slack and Microsoft Teams, this feature enables communications professionals to integrate their PublicRelay daily news briefings into their chosen internal messenger platform.

With this tool, you can effortlessly increase the visibility of essential stories and our analyzed news coverage across your communications teams and company executives.

Business Manager Integration provides a customizable experience for easy story selection and viewing all on a single platform. The feature includes news coverage with links and high-level excerpts to help you sort through the news and select the stories that matter to you most.

Get in touch with the PublicRelay team to guide you through the setup process for seamless integration.

About PublicRelay:

PublicRelay turns language into insight as one of the most trusted media analytics solutions for the world’s largest brands. PublicRelay’s clients confidently use its media analytics to measure influencer engagement, reputation, messaging pull-through, and the competitive landscape – all while tying them back to key business objectives. Known for continual innovation, superior data quality, and actionable insights, PublicRelay delivers accurate answers to the most pressing strategic business questions for communications teams.

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