Actionable Insights to Elevate Your Communications:

Benchmark analysis from PublicRelay.

PublicRelay hosted a live webinar with our SVP of Analytics, Ted Ziemer, and Director of Analytics, Azhar Unwala, to discuss key insights that emerged in the communications landscape of 2022. As your trusted advisor, we want to share actionable insights to help you guide your brand strategy.

Most media analysis relies on automation, but we’ve found that including a human element can provide insights that truly impact your business. We created this exclusive, virtual opportunity to share the results of our communications landscape report that highlights what a human-augmented technology approach can achieve.

By registering for our event, you will learn best practices of top-performing companies so you can elevate your communications strategy and benchmark your brand’s performance against the best in the industry.

  • How using your CEO as a spokesperson can make an impact on corporate reputation
  • How to tailor your communications strategy to take advantage of the topics your audience cares about while protecting your brand against harmful media coverage
  • How best to engage with major stories that shaped the communications landscape of 2022, like inflation, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the Russia-Ukraine war

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